Monday, April 7, 2014

Advice on starting a food truck

Over the past year we have been able to really dial in our business, receive nice accolades and press coverage all while really beginning to let Crock Spot run with much less struggle.  Anyone who is looking to start a food truck business does their due diligence by reaching out to the community they want to work in and starts asking questions.  I have had many conversations from local people here in Denver to concepts in Detroit and Florida all looking for advice and seemingly that nudge to sack up and start. 

I also recently read an article and why you shouldn’t start a food truck business.  It listed everything from tough regulations to the unpredictability and even timeliness of your concept.  All of this is true, a touch negative, but without a doubt all valid points to consider before you start.

On the whole, there is no recipe for success in this industry, just like any other industry.  I like to think that I have at least developed an opinion based on what I have seen work or fail.  I have seen entrepreneurs have the shiniest most expensive truck on the scene close shop their first year.  I have seen artisan popsicles go from one bike cart to three to a brick and mortar in less than a year.  I have seen partnerships collapse, I have seen collaborations that blossom.  To sum it all up, if you want to start a business, think:  Do I have what it takes to shoulder through the hard times?  Rest assured, there will be hard times. 

I believe that bracing for the emotional aspect of business ownership is the most important aspect of starting.  Being able to stay positive even when your truck is with the mechanic and you had to miss out on a $2000 gig.  Being able to say, “we’ll get them next time” when you go home with $80 after an event coordinator told you it would be the event of the year.  Like any business, if you can make it through two years of hand to mouth, your business will start to grow with much less effort.  Like any business, do not quit your job if you have any doubt; that just means you’re not ready.  Once you can make friends with that doubt and really feel this is what you are supposed to do, make the leap and enjoy the ride!

I love owning my own business with my soon to be wife.  I love creating good healthy food options for people.  I love working hard and letting the business work for me.  I love being able to talk about being an entrepreneur.   I love my life but it wasn’t just handed to me because of a trend.  We worked our asses off for it!

Top 7 Reasons to Hire a Food Truck

As food truck owners we have seen a dramatic rise in being booked out to cater private events.  The parties range from birthdays, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, graduations, neighborhood block parties, themed get-togethers and holiday.  Having been able to put together three years of catering experience with a food truck we thought we would create the top 7 reasons to hire a food truck for your next private event:
  1. Coolness – Gourmet food trucks are really trendy.  Everyone has their favorite and everyone likes to discuss why it’s their favorite.  Having a truck pull up in your drive way to serve your guests will be the talk of the neighborhood for seasons to come.
  2. Expense – Food trucks are going to be less expensive that traditional caterers.  You may not have the broad range of food options to choose from but food truck owners are typically chefs and can pull off just about anything you have your heart set on.  Plus you won’t have all the rentals and strange fees on your invoice.
  3. Simplicity – Having a food truck is less invasive and creates very little mess.  We roll in, offer delicious food in typically bio degradable plates and bowls and roll out.  No dishes, no chaffers, no messy kitchen.
  4. Creative food – Most trucks have a niche concept they like to stick too.  What ever the flavor you are looking for, it probably won’t be hard to find a truck that specializes in that cuisine or will work with you to create it.
  5. Speed – Being able to deliver food to our customers is really important.  A truck that has been around the block a few times can serve everyone at your party within an hour…based on head count of course.  Crock Spot prides itself on being able to serve 100 per hour at capacity.
  6. FUN!! – From adults to kids, everyone gets a kick out of eating from a gourmet food truck.  In all the events we have done, catering private events are our favorite.  Everyone is excited, grateful and appreciative for the experience.  We have clients that continue to use us every years because of the level of service and ease that has been provided them.
  7. Attraction – People will attend a party because of food truck catering it.  We have loyal customers that will find us in public and remind us of the job we did two years ago… the neighbors still talk about it.  It’s unique to hire us and people love it!

Of course there are other intangibles of why having a food truck cater your next party is worth it but these are a few that we know of for sure. Check out Crock Spot to cater your next event in Denver!