Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Our Core Value of Customer Service

Serving More Than Just Food…

Have you ever had a dining experience where at the end of it, you thought “My time would have been better spent at home eating cheerios?” Us too. In fact, it just happened. My wife Mandy and I were downtown for a fun date night and chose to dine at a posh restaurant in one of the city’s trendier areas. We ended up having a terrible experience, largely impart to the customer service we received from the wait staff. There was such a negativity to the whole thing that we ended our meal early, paid our bill and quickly left.

However, this whole experience got us thinking and reminded us of why one of Crock Spot’s core values is customer service. It’s no secret that the Denver food scene is not lacking in choices. Fantastic restaurants with impeccable quality of food are available in almost any area of the city, and that’s not to even mention the gastronomic treats that come in our city’s mighty fleet of differing food trucks. While we are confident in the content and quality of our food, we also strive to provide more than a meal in a bowl. Crock Spot delivers our guests with an experience; an exchange that should be positive from the first ‘hello’ down to the last bite.
With stiff competition in the Denver culinary scene, going the extra mile to provide top notch customer service is what makes the difference.

Customer service is such an important aspect and can make or break any situation. We know that there are lots of options out there and other places for you to spend your money. That’s why we take it so seriously when our customers choose to dine with us. The Crock Spot offers something to remember: a delicious bowl of food, prepared lovingly and made to order just the way you want it, served with a smile.

Have you had a positive interaction with our Crock Spot staff? We’d love to hear about it! Please feel free to comment on our blog, or post to our Facebook telling us what you loved! Also, remember the Crock Spot for the next time you need an event catered. We will roll right up to your front door with our truck Simmer, or do an indoor event setup. Contact us here.

We hope the food sticks with you and the customer service brings you back!

Until next time – The Crock Spot Team