Sunday, January 13, 2019

Mandy’s Wedding Catering Tips: Volume 1:
What to consider when hiring the ideal food truck for your wedding.

Greetings Nearly-weds and Congratulations on your upcoming BIG DAY!
The last several years, we have catered over a hundred weddings or wedding events from our food trucks. Many couples are leaning towards a more unconventional and unique form of catering for their special day or weekend! They are looking for a less expensive, lower fuss option, that their guests will remember for years to come. I mean how many weddings have YOU been to where you got to say, “I ate from a food truck?” With more and more folks (in Colorado especially) wanting to “do the I DO’s” in the mountains, campgrounds, lakes, barns and backyards…our food truck catering has become quite popular. Food trucks can roll up to just about any location, serve their cuisine, and roll out. Making it quick and easy, so you can get onto dancing, toasts and all the fun that follows.
With that, I have put together a few helpful tips on what to consider when hiring a food truck and how to find the best one to suite your needs.
Tip #1: Timing
I’d say one of the biggest issues couples can run into with food truck catering, is making sure their guests are served in a timely manner. I have heard stories of food trucks taking over 3 hours to get dinner served. 3 hours that has now cut into their time to do toasts, special dances, cake cutting, etc. Not to mention, their allotted time at the venue. While food is big component at a wedding, it shouldn’t interrupt the flow of the day. It should go quick, be easy, be delicious and get everyone fulfilled so you can move onto the next portion of the evening. I suggest hiring a food truck that can have 100 people served in an hour. Dinner should not exceed 2 hours. You and your guests will be grateful for it.
Tip #2: Variety
It’s important to make sure you pick a truck that has nice variety of food options for your guests. Yes, it’s MOST important that you and your partner are excited about what you are serving, considering your guests is also key. They have taken time off from work, some have travelled or spent money to be there. Take care of them. Find a menu that meets unique dietary needs (vegan, gluten free, etc) and something that the kids will enjoy as well.
Tip #3: What’s Included?
Since food trucks don’t claim to be a “full service” catering company, it’s important to ask them what they will provide. Most food trucks plan to serve for a couple hours, then roll out.  They don’t typically provide bussing of tables, clean up, or help with set up or tear down. However, with most food trucks, these services can be provided for an additional charge upon request.  Have a clear conversation with your food truck caterer, about what they provide and won’t provide. And also make sure that your venue understands the difference between a “full service” catering company and a “food truck catering” company.  If the venue requires the caterer to handle more then they are contracted to do, you can run into some issues at the end of the night.

These are my first 3 tips! There are of course, many more. Lookout for next week’s blog, for additional helpful tips, suggestions and insights.
Happy Planning!
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