Thursday, May 9, 2019

Mandy’s Wedding Catering Tips

Mandy’s Wedding Catering Tips: Volume 2:
What to consider when hiring the ideal food truck for your wedding.

Welcome Back Nearly-weds and Congratulations on your upcoming BIG DAY!

In Volume 1 of Mandy’s Wedding Catering Tips, I gave you my first 3 nuggets on what to consider when hiring the ideal food truck for your wedding. Below are my next 3 tips. And please be sure to check out Volume 1 as well. Enjoy!

When we first jumped into the food truck scene, about 10 years ago, there were about 20 food trucks in the Denver Metro area. Catering was unchartered territory for most of us and we had to sort of “pave the way” for the industry. That came with not only, great successes and but also some solid fails.  Today, there are hundreds of food trucks rolling out there. Which is AWESOME for our industry and for YOU the consumer, but it also can make it overwhelming when picking the ideal truck for your special day. Here are few helpful tips on what to look for when making a decision on a food truck for your special day.

Tip #4: Experience
Interview them. Have they catered a wedding before? How long have they been in business? How big was it? Can they handle large numbers in a timely manner? Check out their reviews. I do all of the sales and booking for our trucks and I have been asked all of these questions and more. The best one I received recently was, “what was the biggest challenge you had to overcome at a wedding and how did you deal with it?”  Great question! It’s a wedding, something WILL, come up.  You caterer needs to be able to shift and be flexible. I understand weddings can get expensive…so it can be intriguing to go with a lower priced, less experienced truck. However, it does go back to that saying, “you get what you pay for.” This is your day! You want it to be flawless. Choose someone you feel really good about. It’s a great combo of doing your research and listening to your gut (pun intended).

Tip #5: Appearance
This is important! Cleanliness is a deal breaker for me. If a food truck looks dirty on the outside and in…what does that say about the quality of their food?  Does the staff look tight and professional?  Do they take pride in their appearance?  In addition, you not only want their food to rock and fit your theme, you want their truck appearance to mesh as well. Do you like how the wrap on the outside looks? Do they have one?  It doesn’t have to be spot on with the theme of your wedding, but at minimum choose a truck, that has a nice clean appearance, and resonates with the vibe you are wanting to create for your day.

Tip #6: Romance
Some of the most romantic experiences I’ve had with my husband, is over yummy food and libations. Since we usually want to try, before we buy, why not make your “tasting” experience a DATE NIGHT!  One of the perks of owning food trucks, is that we get to vend at a lot of unique and fun events and venues. I have met numerous couples at a brewery, winery, festival or music events, to have them come sample our food. Pick your top 5 contenders, find out where they will be over the weekend, and go for a tasting tour with your fiancé. You’ll get to sample a lot of great food and make some sweet memories along the way. You only get to experience this time in your engagement once…so enjoy every moment. This is YOUR time…Eat, Drink and Be-Almost-Married.

These are my second round of tips. There are of course, many more. Lookout for my next blog, filled with additional helpful tips, suggestions and insights.

Happy Planning!
PS: Interested in speaking with the Crock Spot catering team about YOUR upcoming BIG DAY? Email us at or call us at 720-675-7720.  OR simply fill out an inquiry form on our websites catering page.


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